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Dermatology for Adult Patients

Our office provides comprehensive dermatologic care for adult patients of all ages.  During each phase of life, a unique spectrum of skin conditions can be present.  Young adults may suffer with persistent acne from their teenage years while our elders often have multiple medications that need to be considered when making a treatment plan for their skin conditions.  In addition to these scenarios, some conditions like psoriasis or atopic dermatitis can be present throughout the adult years and require consistent management. 

Our treatment philosophy follows a patient centered, common sense approach.  We consider behavioral changes or medication adjustments before advocating for medical treatment.  However, when medicines are necessary, Sacred Heart Dermatology is committed to providing access to state-of-the-art medications for each patient.

Dermatology in Childhood and Adolescence

At Sacred Heart Dermatology we see patients 2 years and older. Fortunately, it is most often the case that children present with skin conditions like childhood eczema or acne vulgaris which will resolve as they age. Still, the need to manage these while they are present is vital to improve quality of life and prevent scarring.

Dr. Sanders loves connecting with and caring for his pediatric patients as well as providing advice to parents about things that can be done at home to help manage the child’s skin condition or prevent recurrence.

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